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Range Rover "The Chandelier"

When our Client Yvette saw a Ferrari 458 in San Fransisco covered head to toe in glue on crystals, she knew she wanted something similar. A few years later she made her request simple. "I want to shine bright like a diamond and have something nobody else has". While others have used "Super Glitter" vinyl, nobody had done a range rover so we hoped on it. 12HRS later we finished this 1 of 1 project.


Rather unfortunately, this wrap only lasted two months... When we started this project we made it clear these glitter wraps are for show purposes only! When the vehicle was being washed one day, it was described as "it looked like the glitter was melting off".

The chandelier was no more. However the smiles, cars almost crashing to get a video of this car, and the excited referrals calling almost daily will forever live on in memory!

This was a project that truly was special and got us excited! don't feel bad, we then wrapped Yvette's car for free as a surprise gift! :)


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