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812 Ferrari Super Fast "No Time To Waste"

When our client came to us requesting custom pin-striping, Banners, and Door Decals, nothing seemed out of the ordinary... that was until we were told it needed to be done by the following day! For reference this car came in around 2pm on a weekend day with just hours left in the business day we scrambled and called our decal manufacture to get to work on a last minute order! After acquiring our clients colors of choice, logos, and choice of size we went to work! We managed to pull off the beautiful pin striping from hood to rear bumper along with accents on the rear diffuser, and much more within the allotted time. And we will be honest, we are so used to working with cars over $100,000 nobody even flinched when accepting this project. One google search however and the team discovered the Ferrari's price tag of $600,000+... Needless to say we have never been so delicate and attentive. Overall everything came our gorgeous and the client happily made it to his rally event that day! Mission Success.


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