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F82 M4 "The Neon Shark"

When a film shop owner gets bored, things can happen on an international scale! Yep... That's me. one day When I got bored one day scrolling through the internet looking for custom prints for bmws, something caught my eye! A wild neon color'd print with a ww2 shark smiling with a evil grin. It was the one, exactly the wild design I wanted... But who made it?

The post was created many years ago but after reverse searching images through google I got lucky! I found the original company and reached out to them across the globe in Romania!

Finally after getting a response with broken google translations, we agreed upon a price totaling $1600 USD to be printed and shipped. This is very typical for custom prints. The sketchy part was transferring money through unheard of European apps... then there was no response for almost two weeks. However i kept my hopes up as the shops owner overseas seemed like a good guy. Then i Saw it, A Instagram story post showing the print being made and our Instagram tagged in the post! IT was printed and on the way! This was our first custom print so slowly but surely we knocked out the wrap in two days totaling around 16HRS. IT was done! This was definitely one of my favorite wraps to date as I have yet to every find something similar! those that know me on a first name basis know we simply don't understand what it means to drive boring or "normal" cars... So this was a shop staple that brought clients from all across the bay area!


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